Curved Surgical Orthopedic Mixed Articulation Rongeur Forceps

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Veterinary Surgery Curved Articulation Rongeur Instrument

These high quality mixed articulation rongeur forceps are easy to use, and are made of stainless steel.


  • 2.0mm x 160mm
  • 2.5mm x 160mm
  • 3.0mm x 160mm
  • 2.0mm x 180mm
  • 2.5mm x 180mm
  • 3.0mm x 180mm
  • 3.5mm x 180mm
  • 4.0mm x 180mm
  • 4.5mm x 180mm
  • 5.0mm x 180mm
  • 5.5mm x 180mm
  • 6.0mm x 180mm
  • 2.5mm x 230mm
  • 3.0mm x 230mm
  • 3.5mm x 230mm
  • 4.0mm x 230mm
  • 4.5mm x 230mm
  • 5.0mm x 230mm
  • 5.5mm x 230mm
  • 6.0mm x 230mm
  • 6.5mm x 230mm
  • 7.0mm x 230mm
  • 7.5mm x 230mm
  • 8.0mm x 230mm

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