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Affordable Handheld Color Doppler Ultrasound

DCU-12 Vet is the most affordable full digital color doppler system that you can buy. It is easy to use and has excellent image quality. The DCU-12 Vet Ultrasound provides reliable performance, includes an abundance of measurement software. Provides advanced practical clinical solutions for ultrasound diagnosis of cattle, dogs, horses, cats, goats, sheep, and pigs.

Standard Configuration

  • Main Unit
  • Choice of 4 probes:
    • 3.5MHz R60 convex probe (2.0/2.5/3.5/5.0MHz)
    • 7.5MHz L40 linear probe (6.0/6.5/7.5/9.0MHz)
    • 6.5MHz R20 micro-convex probe(5.0 / 6.5 /7.5 / 9.0 MHz)
    • 6.5MHz linear rectal probe (4.5 / 5.5 / 6.5 / 7.5MHz)


    • Specific Veterinary Software Packages
    • Transmitted Signal Accuracy Control
    • i-Image, Image Optimization Imaging Enhancement
    • Adaptive Color Artifact Removal Technique
    • Linear Probe Independent Angle Deflection
    • i-Station, Integral Working Station 
    • Phase Enhance Harmonic 
    • Accurate Vessel Imaging
    • Convenient and Practical Data Manager
    • Abundant Measuring Software

      General Description

      • Built-in embedded A8 platform, totally against virus invasion, with high reliability.
      • Operating system Linux
      • Digital multi-beam forming technology, precision delay-by-point dynamic receive focus, ultra-wideband imaging, adaptive image optimization, adaptive angiography, adaptive Doppler imaging.
      • Ultra-wideband fully digital beam former: Dynamic Focus
      • Gray-scale imaging unit 
      • M-mode imaging unit 
      • Visual adjustable dynamic range 
      • Gray-scale imaging unit, grayscale ≥256 levels, with excellent contrast resolution and the audience subtle and uniformity

      Technical parameters:


      • Gray scale:256 levels
      • Color scale:256 levels
      • Display: 10.4’ Flicker-inch high-resolution LCD dedicated medical color display 
      • Power supply:100-240V~ 1.2-0.6A Fre:50-60Hz
      • Adapter output:DC12.8V 3.0A
      • Power consumption:≤100VA 
      • Main unit dimension:approx 256×150×326(mm,L×W×H) 
      • Main unit N.W.:4.5Kg(without accessories) 

      Multimedia and peripheral equipment

      • Video printer
      • i-Station integrated workstations, to achieve store images, report generation and cloud printing capabilities 
      • U disk (file management support, software upgrades, and one-key store function), DICOM interface, easy to doctor's data management, remote transmission 
      • Dual TV outputPAL/NTSC

       Operating Mode

      1. B, B/B, 4B mode
      2. M, B/M mode
      3. CFM
      4. PDI
      5. PW
      6. THI

      Operating System Setup

      • Basic Setting: Interface language, time, date and date format, screen-savers time settings, key tone setting, standard setting, font brightness setting. 
      • Formula preset: gestational formula for cattle, dogs, horses, cats, goats, camels, sheep and pigs.
      • Notes preset: disease, routine, abdominal, obstetric, cardiac, urology, superficial seven kinds, can be preset for each common noun, and can be added, modified and edited according to the actual requirements, very user-friendly 
      • Stored presets: Photo storage format selection: BMP, PNG format (image compression format). 
      • Password preset

       Main Functions

      1. System Preset
      2. I-User-defined, to store the setting while he used the main unit to save time to set again.
      3. Probe switch
      4. Mode switch
      5. Magnification / Depth selection
      6. Frequency switch
      7. frame switch
      8. ID
      9. Compression curve
      10. IP
      11. Focus switch
      12. Up/down, left/right reverse
      13. TGC, Gain & Dyn adjustment
      14. iImage optimization imaging technology;
      15. color frequencyPRFwall filter adjustment;;
      16. Deflection angle, sample volume, linear color deflection, velocity scale, baseline function can be adjusted
      17. Adjustable harmonic
      18. B mode normal measurement, M mode routine measurements, CFM mode routine measurements, PDI mode routine measurements, PW mode measurements; and abdominal measurement applications, obstetrics application measurement, measuring cardiac applications, measuring urinary system applications, superficial organ application measurement;
      19. sound power adjustable
      20. puncture guiding function
      21. Gravel location positioning function
      22. Built-in disk storage 16G, mass storage images, reports, videos, permanent storage, (BMP format picture ≥ 10 thousands, PNG format images ≥100 thousands)
      23. image management function
      24. Mass video storage and replayUnder B mode:380under M mode: 4000
      25. Body mark
      26. Note input
      27. Patient info input
      28. Report generation
      29. One key store;
      30. One key to get report
      31. One key to transfer image to Network Printer to print the image;
      32. LCD brightness adjustable
      33. Energy saving

      Image pretreatment

        Total gain0127 dB
        TGC8 stagesTGC
        Power output25%50%75%100%
        Digital channels32

        Image treatment

          Frame correlation03
          Compression curve07

          B Mode Scanning Parameters

          1. B sound output25%50%75%100%
          2. B Gain0~127
          3. Depth32252 mm (35 scales)
          4. Dyn30~100dB
          5. Frequency4 scales
          6. Harmonic2 scales

          M Mode Scanning Parameters

          1. M sound output25%50%75%100%
          2. M Gain0127dB
          3. Depth32252 mm (35 scales)
          4. M Dyn27100dB
          5. M Scanning speed18 adjustable
          6. M sampling line Visual & adjustable
          7. M scanning mode:scrolling & scanning
          8. Frequency4 scales
          9. Harmonic2 scales

          CFM Mode, PDI Mode

          1. Output25%50%75%100%
          2. CFM Gain0~127dB
          3. Color frequency2 scales
          4. Max PRF5kHz
          5. Min PRF35kHz
          6. CFM wall filter850-350Hz
          7. Sensitivity6 kinds
          8. Color afterglow4 kinds
          9. Color Threshold6 kinds
          10. Color balance16 steps
          11. Color Smoothing3 steps
          12. artifact removal2 steps
          13. Linear color deflection adjustable
          14. Image Optimization12 scales

          PW Mode

          1. Sound outpt25%50%75%100%
          2. PW Gain0127dB
          3. PW Dyn13 scales 0-120
          4. PW frequency2 scales
          5. PW wall filter8 steps 50-350Hz
          6. Noise Reduction4 scales
          7. sample volume width5-20mm
          8. angle correction
          9. basic line adjustment7 steps
          10. Max PRF(speed)5kHz
          11. Min PRF(speed)35kHz
          12. speed ruler8 steps
          13. Volumeadjustable
          14. Linear color deflection adjustable

          Measurement & calculation

          • Routine measurement: measurement software package & report for B mode,  mode, D mode
          • OB software for Cattle, dogs, horses, cats, goats, camels, sheep and pigs;
          • Software package for urological measurement & analysis
          • Software package for superficial organs measurement & analysis
          • Software package for cardio measurement & analysis


          • OB, Cardio, Urological report


          • 127 kinds body marks with arrow position
          • Note mark, text input
          • Arrow mark

             Optional parts

            • Foot switch
            • Trolley
            • Video printer(UP-897MD)
            • Ethernet Switch



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