SA-200 Veterinary Anesthesia Machine

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Suitable For Small And Large Animals!


  • Portable anesthesia machine, single vaporizer
  • Suitable for small animal and large animal
  • Two-tube O2/N2O flow meter
  • Pneumatic and air control, no electronic power needed
  • High quality and durable design
  • Easy use and maintenance
  • Meet clinical safety requirement of EU.
  • Solid coating and anti-dust smooth surface.
  • Highly precision vaporizers
  • Highly airproof
  • Relatively stable and quick in response in working
  • International color-coding

Main unit:

  • Mode: Semi-open, semi-closed or closed system
  • Gas supply: O2/N2O 0.28 Mpa
  • Flow meter: O2/N2O two-tube flow meter
  • 0-10 L/min (with interlock protection devices ensuring the O2 concentration >21%)
  • O2 flush: 25 to 75L/min
  • O2 deficiency alarm: Audible alarm for at least 7 seconds.
  • APL valve: ≤6 Mpa
  • Mounting type: Fix mount
  • Filler Type: Pour-fil

Concentration range:

  • Enflurane 0.2~5%
  • Isoflurane 0.2~5%
  • Haloflurane 0.2~5%
  • Sevoflurane 0.2~8%

Range of flow:

  • 0.2L/min ~15L/min
  • 0.2L/min ~10L/min (normal usage) For concentrations > 5vol.%


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